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2023-2024 LS Wrap Up - TK, 5th Grade & 8th Grade Highlights

2023-2024 LS Wrap Up - TK, 5th Grade & 8th Grade Highlights

Congratulations to Saint Monica Preparatory’s youngest learners for crossing into Kindergarten in a sweet Transitional Kindergarten Bridging Ceremony led by Mrs. Stickley. Families celebrated as students received certificates from Dr. Quinly and were greeted by our Kindergarten teachers to preview the year ahead. Our 8th graders were cheered on by the entire school community during the second annual Mariner March to 9th Grade, as they walked across the schoolyard for the final time to complete their middle school chapter at SMPREP. Following Mass, middle school teachers recognized their students with diplomas and awards, while families gathered on the Duval Patio to celebrate.

During the final weeks of school, Lower School held both a sports banquet and spring pep rally to celebrate all of our student athletes’ many accomplishments this year across the inaugural cheer season; cross country; basketball - 3rd/4th grade girls and boys teams in particular dominating their seasons; flag football - 5th/6th grade team finishing second this year; soccer; volleyball and track & field - boasting many CYO finalists this season. Classes also hosted parties to celebrate the year, including a special 5th grade BBQ on the schoolyard for students and their families before they step up to middle school in the fall. Finally, SMPREP’s 1st official TK class, our current rising freshmen, gathered for a special "Back to TK" reunion to celebrate the milestone of completing grades TK-8 at Saint Monica. We look forward to welcoming all students back to campus during the last week of August. 

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Ed Stokx with SMPREP students

Saint Monica Preparatory School Board President Ed Stokx has completed his six year term. We are grateful for his strong leadership, particularly during the transition to our successful new chapter as one unified TK-12 school.

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commencement speaker and graduates

Saint Monica Preparatory welcomed back one of our own esteemed alumni, Blake Van Putten '12 as the speaker at the 86th Annual Commencement. St. Monica, pray for our Class of 2024 during this exciting next chapter in their lives. SMPREP also celebrated three more of its athletes continuing their athletic careers at the college level in a spring signing ceremony. Athletic highlights also include Boys and Girls Track & Field breaking four all-time school records this season, and Mariner Boys Golf shooting a personal best 192.

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