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Mariners create!


Explore the arts at Saint Monica Preparatory.

The Mariner Arts program encourages students to increase their knowledge of the arts and to gain an aesthetic appreciation for the world around them. By exposing students to a colorful array of visual and performing art opportunities, the school allows students to discover and develop their unique talents. Our curriculum offers a deep understanding of all facets of a student’s discipline. From fine art to dance, music and theater, the visual, media and performing arts come alive here at Saint Monica Prep. Art is part of the core curriculum for TK through 5th grade students. Starting in 6th grade, a comprehensive variety of Arts courses are offered as electives.



Students who participate in art classes or productions learn to:

Understand and appreciate artistic perceptions of visual and performance creation: Develop skills in processing, analyzing and responding to sensory information through the language and skills of Art, Dance, Music and Theater

  • Create artistic works through active participation and performance.
  • Appreciate the unique role the arts have played in recording history. Understand the influence they have had on our cultural and moral development: Study the cultural context of art, dance, music and theater.
  • Respond, analyze and critique their peers’ performance.
  • Connect and apply their learning of the arts across all subject areas.

Upper School Course Selection Samples

Performing Arts Visual Arts
Dance Acting Music Production Fine Art   Media & Film Production
Dance I: Beginning Acting I MP 1 Foundation Art Yearbook M.F.P. 1
Dance II: Modern/Contemporary Acting II MP 2 Illustration   M.F.P. 2
Dance III:
Dance Ensemble
Acting III Ind. Adv. Music Printmaking   Independent Filmmaking Honors
Dance IV:
Honors Dance
Acting IV: Directing Capstone Photography    
      AP Drawing